SEO Services

More links, more traffic, more sales.  That’s the Go Ninja Promise.

You need people to find your site.  They’re going to find you through the search engines, but only if you make that possible.  If you’re on page 10–or 100–of the search results, nobody’s going to find your site.  Your competition  is sitting at the top of the search results.   Don’t you want to change that?

Get to the top.  Dominate search.

We’ll help push your site to the top and bring customers to you!

Our service is…

Search Engine Safe. Our search team stays current with industry standards and search engine algorithms.   When they change their systems, we change ours, keeping your search rankings moving towards the top.   We promote your site in a way that looks completely natural to the search engines.

Utilizing a Broad Target Base. We build links across a growing network of thousands of sites.  These sites include forums, social networks, social bookmarking sites and more.   We only build positive, useful links.   Then, we build links to the links and “ping” those links to make it easy for the search engines to find every one of the links we build.

Free From Long-Term Contracts. Eventually, you’ll be getting as many customers as you can handle and making as much money as you’d like to make, because you’re at the top of the search engines for every search term that can make you money.   When you’re content with your positions, let us know.  We’ll stop invoicing you and that’s it.   You’re never more than one billing period away from being free from commitment.


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