Reputation Management

As a business owner, you know what people are saying about you online.  Of course you do.  It’s the first impression your potential customers see when they look you up online.  Your online reputation is more than just a first impression,  and just like your “real world” reputation, you can control it.

Do you really know what your online reputation is? Do you know what customers are saying about you? Your product?  Your service? Do you know what to do about bad publicity?  Do you know how to protect your online reputation when something goes wrong?

There are millions of ways for total strangers to talk to each other online. These people could be posting negative comments and reviews about your company or even creating a hate site regarding you and your company, all without your knowledge. How could this affect you?

The first and most obvious way is that potential customers could see this and reject your product based on what they see online.

New customers aren’t your only concern. What if business partners saw an article posted about your “bad business practices?”  You could lose investors and future income.

What if a rockstar future employee researched your company and decided not to apply because she read a negative blog post posted by an upset former employee? You could miss the chance to gain a great asset for your agency.

Your company’s online reputation affects you, and everything your company touches.

Managing and protecting your online reputation can be a complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.  We offer reputation management solutions ranging from simple monitoring to full-fledged management and repair.

Why leave your reputation to chance?  Call us at (651) 460-9001 to see how we can help you.